Ethics Training Policy

Colagrossi Futures, LLC is committed to operate with high ethical standards and is dedicated to meeting the requirements of the Statement of Acceptable Practices as issued by the CFTC.  Colagrossi Futures, LLC will treat all current and potential customers in a just and equitable manner and Colagrossi Futures, LLC believes that professional ethics training programs are essential to Colagrossi Futures, LLC fitness. Colagrossi Futures, LLC believes that in order to be successful and provide our customers with the best possible service, our employees must receive the proper training to stay abreast of new regulations and current events.

In order to provide our Associated Persons with the proper training, Colagrossi Futures, LLC has retained the services of RJ Obrien.  RJ Obrien is a qualified ethic training provider.  RJ Obrien's has completed their proficiency testing and has many years of relevant industry experience.

In order to establish a corporate culture of high ethical standards, Colagrossi Futures, LLC employees will be required to complete Initial training within six months of Registration with the NFA, and periodic training at least every three years.

Training will be accomplished by utilizing RJ Obrien's online courses.  RJ Obrien has represented that the training it provides completely fulfills the Statement of Acceptable Practices, and is current and relevant to our registered individuals.  Course outlines for both the Initial and Periodic courses are attached. 

RJ Obrien will furnish evidence of successful completion of its training programs separately to both the registrant and firm.   In accordance with NFA and CFTC requirements, Colagrossi Futures, LLC will maintain records on file for 5 years, and RJ Obrien will separately retain all such records in electronic form.

Every year this training policy will be reviewed and this plan will be modified as needed to do everything we can to ensure high ethical standards at Colagrossi Futures, LLC, as well as fully comply with all requirements of the Commodity Exchange Act.